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Correct spelling is required on searches. Single words work best. If you don't find what you want, see Searching Tips.

Searching Tips

Searching is literal. This means that you must spell words correctly. The author search, at this time, is given as last name, then first name, for alphabetization purposes. You may enter the first and last name in either order. Or just enter the last name. On the title, one or two key words works best.

Searching allows several key words, in any order. Using the example, Isaac Asimov - The Gods Themselves, searching under "Asimov" or "Isaac" or "Asimov Isaac" or "Isaac Asimov" (or any subset of the name), such as "Asim" or "Isa" or even "imov" will result in a hit. On the title, "Gods Themselves" will result in a hit, as will portions of the words or alternative order, such as "Themselves Gods", but articles and other small words will be stripped, so "The Gods Themselves" will result in a hit, even though the word "The" does not happen to be entered as part of the title.

If you don't know how to spell a key word (e.g. "Azimov" will not work), you can find any title if you know the author's name approximately, by choosing category search, then going to the correct section from the listings you receive. Thus, if you search for the example above by choosing book category "sf & fantasy", then choosing the screen, "Asimov Isaac" to "Asimov Isaac", you can pick out the title if it is available. Or simply search under Asimov to get an alphabetic listing of all his titles available.