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About Marx Books

The owner of Marx Books, John N. Marx, is a recently retired chemistry professor from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, and is an avid book collector on the side, with about 40,000 science fiction and fantasy items in his personal library. For 37 years he taught organic chemistry and did research in the synthesis of organic natural products. The business grew from obtaining many duplicate books when buying collections.

Marx Books has been in business since 1977 as a mail order seller of used books. It has been on the Web since January, 1997. It specializes in science fiction, fantasy, horror, and mystery books, with scattered titles in other areas. Many Collector's Edition paperbacks and hardcovers are available, as are cheaper reading copies. Many digest and pulp magazines are also available. The stock includes nearly 25,000 books available on-line. Many books are not yet cataloged. Inquire if you don't see what you are searching for.


Here is an unsolicited poem written by a very good customer in 2009. Mark Adams wrote another poem for me in 2010 after he found out that that my birthday falls on Halloween. It follows the first one.



Book a trip at the speed of thought. To forgotten realms where wizards fought.

Or take a tour through time and space. To future cities of the human race.

Visit fantastic places both far and near. Where alien spaceships and dragons appear.

Explore galaxies with names of candy bars. Where galactic federations span the stars.

From an Earthly shore to a Martian sea. Marxbooks takes you where you want to be.

Whether hero's quest or alien dream. Down roads traveled to sights unseen.

Come journey with us within the comforts of home. By way of the imagination to worlds unknown.



By Mark Adams - 2010.


As night swallows the light of day

Faithful jack-o'-lanterns guard the way

To keep restless spirits held at bay

Whomsoever come or come what may.


Evil runs rampant across the street

Falling upon those whom it should meet

Across the path of the black cat's feet

As ghosts and goblins cry, "trick or treat"


Yet fear no shade under pale moonlight

For they cast naught but an empty fright

Neither lose thine heart nor lose thy might

For your birthday falls upon this night!