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The Bargain Corner

MARXBOOKS website is back, with completely new programming and a faster search engine.

Watch this space for announcements of bargains and specials from the catalog. Any special deal is in effect for as long as it is listed in this section.

At this time, anyone ordering any Star Trek or Star Wars books will receive a 30% discount on these books. Just pull down the Book Categories tab and choose Star Trek & Star Wars, to get a complete listing of titles available.

Special discounts apply on volume orders. You may take a 10% discount on any order of any size. On orders above $50, take 15%, and above $150, take 20%. But you must request the discount with your order, so there is an advantage to reading this section.

You should check this section again when you revisit the site, to find any further special sales. For example, I will be offering my rare sf/fantasy pulp collection for sale fairly soon, and will offer bulk rates for substantial sized purchases. This will happen when I get enough time to get the magazines listed. There are some rare items listed currently, as you will discover if you browse the magazine section. JOHN N. MARX, bookseller.