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All books which are hardcover books are labeled HC or BC (book club), large size (trade) paperbacks are labeled TR, and British editions are usually labeled BRIT. All unlabeled books are paperbacks. All books are first edition, first printing for the given category of book, unless specifically labeled as LatEd or LE, or a specific later edition is listed, such as 2nd. Thus, the first printing of a paperback is treated as a 1st ed, even if it was preceeded by a hardcover edition.

Science fiction, fantasy, and some mystery magazines are also available, and are digest size or slick large size unless labeled (PULP). Issues with an asterisk (*) after the month have a story by a highly collectable author or have some other specially collectable feature and have higher prices. Usually, the author is identified by initials: PD = Philip K. Dick, SK = Steven King, RH = Robert A. Heinlein, JV = Jack Vance, LRH = L. Ron Hubbard. DOU = Double issues. ANN = Special anniversary issues.


The books are all used. Hardcovers have two codes, i.e. FN/NF; the first for the book and the second for the dust jacket. The condition codes used are: FN NF VG G.

FN (fine) is essentially without flaws, though a little page darkening or minor bumping may appear on older books. Dealer's stamps or remainder marks may appear only on books with lesser condition codes.
NF (near fine) is collectable if you are not a perfectionist.
VG (very good) is somewhat flawed but is an intact tight copy.
G (good) has somewhat major flaws and should be considered as a reading copy only.
Other abbreviations used:
NJ = No Dust Jacket.
EX = Ex-Library Edition.
BRIT = British edition.

Pulp magazines codes:
XC = Xerox cover
CC = Color Xerox cover
NC = no cover.

Within the title, there may be information on the cover artist or the series to which a book may belong. Sometimes these are identified by abbreviations, if the title is long. Inquire if you need translations.


Payment may be via credit card through PayPal, or by check or money order. Make checks payable to John N. Marx in U.S. funds. Mail to: John N. Marx 4412 18th St Lubbock, TX 79416. All books are reserved as soon after you order as is possible, usually the same day. You will be sent a verification notice with availability and the amount you owe. Postage charges will be actual postage cost, no extra fees are added. Your books will be held for at least a week if you are paying by check. Any books not acceptable for any reason may be returned for full credit.